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Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Built under the Soviets in 1976-1979, the former headquarters of the Communist Party now houses the Parliament of the independent Republic of Moldova. The building has the shape of an open book with the central part of the facade supported by four high-standing vertical columns. When is Moldovan Independence Day? This public holiday is always celebrated on August 27th. In Romanian, it is called ‘Ziua Independentei.’ This is Moldova’s National Day. The day marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on August 27th, 1991 Parliament Day is celebrated on May 23, when in 1991, according to the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic of the 12th legislature, constituted following the first democratic elections, the MSSR transforms into the Republic of Moldova, and the Supreme Soviet becomes the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. In the spring of 1990, Moldova held the first parliamentary elections on new principles, based on the majority electoral system. Labour collectives and public organizations nominated candidates for deputy seats, but the elections were the first real electoral competition despite the lack of pluralism. A vital significance for these elections was the rebirth process, which had spread throughout society at that time and exercised a considerable influence on further developments in Moldova.
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