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The former gymnasium for girls founded by Princess N. Dadiani

This building was built in 1901, after a project by the architect Alexandru Bernardazzi and commissioned by Princess Natalia Dadiani.
Until then, there was an old real estate property in this place, which the state councilor Mitrofan Purișkevici sold to the Council of the girls’ gymnasium. Dadiani founded and ran this institution until her death in 1903. The building served as a place for the girls’ gymnasium no. 2 during the  World War II. During the war, the building was severely damaged.
After the war, it was rebuilt and until 1964 served as the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the MSSR, after which it became the Palace of the Pioneers, and its left wing housed the Republican Society “The Science”.
In 1976, the building housed the Museum of History of the Communist Party of Moldova. To expand the exhibition space, a two-level wing was added to the right of the building, identically  with the one on the lef. Nowadaysthe building houses the National Art Museum of Moldova, which has an important heritage of 39,000 works of art.


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