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Souvenirs Folk & Art

The Moldovan national costumes go back centuries and have stayed unchanged throughout history. These costumes used to be entirely hand-made, and every young girl in the village was supposed to be able to weave cloth and do elaborate embroidery. The main garment for both men and women was cămasă or...

Casa Cristea

Casa Cristea is the place where our traditional costume is born – embroidered by hand or mechanically with a lot of soul and dedication. In the same way, towels for different occasions, tablecloths and pillowcases are made, all crocheted and embroidered by hand.

Alina Bradu

The national brand “Alina Bradu” creates unique items in national and ethno style, based on various ornaments of traditional embroidery and more. The company’s clothes combine elements of national embroidery and modern design for all ages. It offers its customers a rich range of goods: blouses, skirts, shirts, dresses, coats...