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Vatra Neamului

The Vatra Neamului Restaurant-Museum is a place where you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared according to old recipes and is also a place where you will feel part of the nation’s history. The restaurant’s rooms have a unique style and atmosphere, leading guests to different moments of Moldovan culture. A...

Restaurant Moldovenesc

This restaurant preserves national traditions. The recipes of many dishes have been alive for centuries and are prepared in the restaurant today just as they were hundreds of years ago. The traditional cuisine is very hearty, with exquisite wines, so parties here are always accompanied by active dancing.

Fuior Gourmet

If you are visiting Moldova, this restaurant will definitely convince you that this country is worth visiting as often as possible. If you are Moldovan, here you will realize once again how wonderful and amazing your homeland is and how much more you have yet to learn about it.

La Taifas

If you want to know what Moldovan cuisine and national customs mean, the restaurant “La Taifas” is waiting for you. Moldovans have enjoyed the fame of being hospitable since ancient times, so a visit to this place will become memorable. The restaurant will win you over with its pleasant ambience:...

La Plăcinte

In its 15 years of existence, the most popular network of national cuisine restaurants has become the favorite place of Chisinau residents and guests. The restaurant has adapted its menu to suit the tastes of all age groups and the preferences of all generations, including children.


This restaurant will become your  favorite place to eat right after your first visit. Varied menu, selected dishes, atmosphere that conveys the tradition of the Moldovan people – all this will leave you only pleasant memories!

Acasă la mama

A restaurant with personality, appreciated and loved by all, regardless of age or preferences. A place where the atmosphere, the friendly and hospitable host will make you feel right  like at home with your mother. A place steeped in tradition, where every object has a history.

Pegas Terrace and Restaurant

Here you will find culinary traditions worthy of everyone’s taste. Guests will be won over with bold culinary solutions of fusion cuisine.

La Șezătoare

Thr restaurant “La Șezătoare” invites you to spend a nice time in one of the 3 halls, decorated according to old Moldovan traditions, with good music and delicious food.

Popasul dacilor

As Moldovans are from the lineage of the Dacians we are – we have kept the traditions of our distant ancestors, we have kept their will and their spirit! In the heart of nature, built of wood and stone, the restaurant delights the weary eye tired of the city bustle,...