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Greek Route

A- B.P.Hașdeu Street 2 – Masonic Lodge “Ovidiu -25” B- House-museum “A.S.Pushkin” C- Greek Church “Sinadino” – St.Panteleimon D- Chisinau City Hall E- Monastery “St. Great Martyr Teodor Tiron”

Armenian Route

A- Armenian Apostolic Church “Holy Mother of God” B- Tomb of Prince Manuc Bey C- Armenian Street D- Central (“Armenian”) Cemetery E- Armenian Gregorian Cemetery

Jewish Route

A- Țirelson Synagogue (house of prayer) B- Chabad Lubavitch Central Synagogue C- Synagogue of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova D- Jerusalem Street E- Monument to the Ghetto Victims F- Dramatic Theatre “A.P.Chekhov” G- Jewish Cemetery 

Museum Route

National Museum of Fine Arts of Moldova National Museum of History of Moldova Memorial House “A.Shchusev” Museum of History of the City of Chisinau “Water Tower” Natural History Museum of the USM National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

Sightseeing Trolleybus

Let’s start with the Triumphal Arch, on weekends. Route I: 12:00 (trip in Russian) Route II: 14:00 (trip in English) Route III: 16:00 (trip in Romanian) One-hour city break, during which you will listen to the audio guide and be told about 30 sights in the capital, that you can...

Pilgrim’s route

A- Mazarache Church B- Armenian Apostolic Church “Holy Mother of God” C- Roman Catholic Cathedral “Divine Providence” D- Church of St. Theodora of Sihla E- St. Panteleimon Church (Greek) F- Metropolitan Cathedral “Nativity of God” G- Bell tower