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Church of St. Pantelimon

Church of St. Pantelimon

Back in the days in Chisinau, we also had a Greek community. The Church of St. Pantelimon reminds us about them, located at the intersection of 31 August 1989 and Vlaicu Pârcălab streets. The author of the project was Alexander Bernardazzi (1831-1907), who served as the chief architect of Chisinau’s city between 1856 and 1878. The church was built of stone, in Byzantine style, being covered with iron sheets. There was found a tomb with 20 places for burial of deceased in the basement of the church. A grid of beautifully executed iron surrounded the sanctuary. Three stone houses were belonging to the church, located around it, donated by Alexandra Constantin Sinadino. In 1944, when the Soviet regime was installed in Bessarabia, many Greeks were forced to leave Chisinau. So, the church had to close on its own in 1947. For a time, this building was used as a warehouse for motion pictures, later became a wine tasting room, officially named Methodical Exhibition Hall. On the 4th of February 1991, the Greek Embassy in Moscow agreed to rebuild the church according to all the rules, and it reopened for officiating divine services.
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