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Kilometer Zero and Posta Moldovei

Kilometer Zero and Posta Moldovei

In many countries, kilometer zero is also known as zero mile marker, control stations, or control points and is a particular location, usually in the nation’s capital city from which distances are traditionally measured. Historically, they were markers where drivers could set their odometers to follow the directions in early guide books. The “Km 0” was inaugurated in Chisinau in 2012. It is a metal sign, on which the names of some European and Asian capitals are engraved and which is located on the sidewalk in front of the Postal Office. If you get the chance, you visit the Postal Office and make sure you raise your head to see the beautiful paintings that describe our history. The “km 0” symbol marks the center of the road network, the place from which all road distances will be measured. Interestingly, there are 900 streets with a total length of just over 672 kilometers in Chisinau! Did you know that we have Struve Geodetic Arc in Moldova, which is a UNESCO protected site? The Struve Geodetic Arc is a chain of survey triangulations stretching from Hammerfest in Norway to the Black Sea, through ten countries and over 2,820 km, which yielded the first accurate measurement of a meridian.
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