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Stephen the Great Public Garden

Stephen the Great Public Garden

There is nothing more romantic than a long stroll in the park, and if the park itself is the oldest in town, it only adds to the appeal. Should you fancy a quiet oasis of greenery amid the busy urban setting, then Stefan cel Mare Park is undoubtedly the right place for you. Spread across 17 acres of land, the park is located in the very center of Chisinau, sided by the Government building to the east and the house of Parliament to the west, bounded by Stefan cel Mare Boulevard and 31 August Street. The park was established in 1818 by the Russian Army Engineer Corps and later was remodeled into its present shape by Alexander Bernardazzi. For many years, Pushkin Park was named after the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who spent several years in Chisinau in exile in the early 19th century. The bust of Alexander Pushkin marked the center of the park and was created through public subscription by well-known Russian sculptor Alexander Mikhailovich Opekushin in 1885. In fact, Chisinau was the second city in the Russian Empire, after Moscow, to have established a statue commemorating the great poet. Nearby is the Alley of Classics of the Moldovan Literature, which was opened in 1958. The Alley features monuments to the pillars of Moldovan Literature, such as Mihai Eminescu, Grigore Vieru, and many others. Today, the park is also dubbed the “lovers’ park” for being one of the most popular hangouts for the young people who come here regularly to meet, chat and spend time kindling their relationship.
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