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Stephen the Great boulevard

Stephen the Great boulevard

Stephen the Great boulevard is located between Libretti Square and Dimitri Cantemir Square. It has a length of 3.8 km. It is the most critical urban highway, the central axis of Chisinau, along which the most important objectives have been located over time. The Great National Assembly Square is also crossed by Stephen the Great Boulevard. In 1812, it became a permanent centre for government business. It had the same type of urban planning done in the Russian Empire. During different periods it was called by other names. So, at the beginning of the 19th century, it was called Millionnaya Street, from the 1840s until 1877 it was called Moskovskaya Street, then Aleksandrovskaya Street (1877–1924), bd. Alexander the Kind (1924–1944). In 1931, the boulevard was divided into two: from Libertatii Square (the southern end of the street) to Armeneasca Street, it kept the name “Alexandru cel Bun,” and from Armeneasca Street to the end, where the Military Hospital was located, it’s called bd. King Carol II. Between 1944–1952 the street was named in honour of Vladimir Lenin. During the Soviet Moldovan era, parades were held in honour of the Great October Socialist Revolution, May Day, and Victory Day. It has been declared a boulevard of Stephen the Great and Saint since 1989, the same year of the adoption of the Romanian language as a state language.
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