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You are welcome in Chisinau!

You are welcome in Chisinau!

"My white city you are flowers made of stone" in this way the Chisinau was described in one of the poems of Gheorghe Voda. Today, the city of Chisinau is also called Little Rome, because it is located on 7 hills. The first historical mention of the city dates back to 1436 under the name "Kesenau". Located in the centre of the region, at the intersection of trade routes, the city grew rapidly and soon became one of the most important economic centres in the country. In 1818, Chisinau received the status of a city and became the capital of Bessarabia, a province of the Russian Empire at that time. During the 19th century, the city developed rapidly, but the 20th century showed to be difficult for the whole country, including Chisinau. During this time, political regimes failed, which were followed by many changes in the name of streets, parks, monuments, population and ethnic composition. After The Second World War, the city was destroyed by 70%, followed by extensive reconstruction and redevelopment. The quarters of the old city were demolished for the construction of wide roads and high-rise buildings. This led to the fact that the city expanded and absorbed the surrounding villages, which they became new areas of the city. Today we see in Chisinau a variety of mosaic of times, it seems to be like a journey through time: in the centre of the city, there are parts of old Chisinau with winding streets, then rectangular houses, designed in Tsarist times, among which you can see villas in the neo-Romanian style or stately Soviet modernist buildings.
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