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Pedestrian street Eugen Doga

Pedestrian street Eugen Doga

We invite you to linger on the pedestrian street Eugen Doga. Here the rhythm slows, the noise of the cars is away and you are invited to take a photo next to the urban sculpture of two young people or to enjoy a drink on one of the many terraces. The pedestrian street opened in 2015 and bears the name of the master and composer Eugen Doga, named as "Artist of the People and Man of the Millennium". Eugen Doga was born on 1 March, 1937. The great composer is a member of the 200 personalities of the world. Additionally, he is the author of hundreds of classical compositions, music and movies. UNESCO recognized the waltz "Beauty and my tender beast" in the film of the same name, as one of the 4 musical masterpieces of the 20th century.
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