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The Circus of Chisinau

The Circus of Chisinau was built in 1981, the architects – S. Shoihet and A. Kiricenko. For a long time, the Chisinau Circus held the fourth place in the world and the first place in the USSR in terms of convenience and capacity (1900 seats for spectators and 100 – for the members of the bands of artists). The building was built in a circular basis. The diameter of the arena is, traditionally, 13 m. The dome of the circus is removable. It is a construction of reinforced concrete, marble and granite.
The sculptural-decorative relief on the front of the Circus presents a figurative composition with the image of two clown-acrobats, who greet the visitors. The author of this emblem was the late sculptor Valeriu Rotari, who did not get to see his latestworkfinished.
In 1982, a veterinary clinic was opened behind the Circus, which became very popular among the townspeople, which operated for more than 25 years – first as a state clinic, which took care primarily of the “bestial” band of the Circus, then also as a private clinic.
The Circus is currently in the restoration phase. The building is in need of serious repairs.

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