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Public Garden Stephen the Great (Central Park)

Is the main park in Central Chisinau, Moldova. It is the oldest park in Moldova and spans about 7 hectares (17 acres).The park was originally laid out in 1818 by Russian military engineers during the reign of Alexander I. and over the years, the park has had several names – Alexander Garden (in honor of Emperor Alexander II), Alexander Pushkin Park, City Public Garden.Under the direction of architect Bogdan Eitner, the present-day alleys were created, as well as hundreds of acacias, limes, and flower beds. For a long time the park was surrounded by a wicker fence. At the proposal of the architect A. Bernardazzi, it was decided to enclose the park with a cast-iron fence, which was erected in 1868-1869 and is still in place today.

The park has 7 entrances around its perimeter. About 50 species of shrubs and trees grow in the park, some of which are almost 200 years old, including a giant acacia.
In 1885 the monument to the Russian poet A.S.Pushkin was unveiled in the Public Garden, today considered the oldest preserved bust in town.
In 1958 the cornerstone of the Alley of the Classics of Romanian Literature was laid. At the beginning, the alley consisted of 12 busts of classics, cast in bronze and installed on polished red granite posts. Nowadays the Alley of Classics has 29 busts of outstanding personalities and various cultural events are held on the alley.
One of the most important masterpieces of the park is the monument to Stephen the Great and Holy, created by sculptor A. Plamadeala and architect A. Bernardazzi. It was inaugurated in 1928, when the tenth anniversary of the Great Union of 1918 was celebrated.

One of the entrances to the park is guarded by two marble lions. Their history is a true mystery of the central park. There are only rumours that they belonged to a manor house, but after its destruction during World War II, the monuments were brought and installed in the Public Garden.c Garden.

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