Military History Museum

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Military History Museum

The museum’s collection comprises over 20,000 items, including photographs, documents, and military artifacts. These exhibits were gathered by the museum’s staff from the residents of Chisinau, with some originating from the National Army.

Beyond the hall dedicated to the armed conflict in Transnistria, the museum boasts additional permanent exhibition spaces covering a broad historical spectrum. The exhibits span from the ancient period and Daco-Roman wars to the medieval and modern eras. Visitors can explore displays on Russo-Turkish wars, the First and Second World Wars, and the intervening period.

At the entrance to the Military Museum, visitors can access valuable information about the establishment of the “Sfatul Ţării” (The County Council). In 2015, the museum inaugurated a new section that delves into the events spanning from June 28, 1940, to March 5, 1953, focusing on the three waves of mass deportations.

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