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The Valley of the Mills Park

The park, located in the Buiucani district of the capital, has a storied history since its establishment in 1950 on the initiative of L. Brezhnev, originally named the “Central Park of Culture and Rest of the Leninist Commune.” Over the years, it has evolved into a significant recreational hub for the city.

Situated along the shore of Mill Valley Lake, the park sprawls across an expansive 114 hectares, with the lake itself covering an area of 34 hectares. The park’s design was orchestrated under the guidance of the renowned architect Robert Kurz.

Within the park’s vast expanse, visitors can enjoy various amenities, including the Green Theatre—an open-air venue with a seating capacity of 5000—a day cinema, the “Andries” children’s playground, a beach, and a boat station, among others.

The lake park has served as a nucleus for diverse water sports, hosting three rowing schools, sports fields, and fishing spots for enthusiasts. During winter, the lake transforms into an urban ice rink, and a once-prominent parachute jump tower added to the park’s attractions.

Adjacent to the park stands Moldova’s largest exhibition center—Moldexpo—further enhancing the area’s significance.

The park gained additional renown through the recent restoration of the rotunda and the Cascades Staircase. The latter, comprised of 218 steps, surpasses the famous General Potemkin Staircase in Odessa, which boasts 200 steps, adding to the allure of this expansive and historically rich green space.

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