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Republican Puppet Theatre “Licurici”/”Fireflies”

Founded in October 1945, immediately after the Second World War, the Republican Puppet Theater “Licurici” remains an exceptional cultural center, which presents shows for all ages. The theater began its activity with the show “The gazebo” by S. Marsak, within the Moldovan-Russian-Ukrainian cultural relations, established immediately after the war.
Professionalism and beautiful spiritual traditions attract about 100,000 spectators to its hall each year, presenting over 500 shows – both in the country and abroad. For 75 years, the theater has staged over 300 shows after the most famous fairy tales by H. Ch. Andersen, Brothers Grimm, Carllo Collodi, A. de Saint-Exupery, J. Rodari, A.S Puschkin, N.V Gogol, Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga. The works of contemporary Moldovan playwrights such as P. Carare, Gh. Urschi, E. Plugaru, V. Grosu, L. Sobietschy, A. Strîmbeanu, I. Filip, V. Boldisor, Gr. Vieru, are also successful.
Two troupes are successfully active in the Theater – the Romanian language troupe and the Russian language troupe. Some shows are also translated into Italian, German, Spanish, French.
“Licurici” educated generations of young spectators, with important human values ​​- goodness, beauty, sincerity. The dolls from “Licurici” tell true stories, carrying the spectator through the enchanted world of fairy tales and fiction. Children and the elderly admired and applauded dolls of all kinds, vivid shadows and charming masks.
The artistic director, actor and general director Titus Jucov, for 38 years was at the helm of the theater, editing national and universal drama, building a unique image for his creative team.

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