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Alexandru Plămădeală (1888 -1940)

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist, author of several works of art. He studied at the Higher School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow. In 1916-1918 he worked at the mint in Petrograd. After 1918 he returned to Chisinau, where in 1929 he was appointed director of the School of Drawing. It was later transformed into the School of Fine Arts, which he directed for 11 years until his death.
His best known masterpiece is the monument to Stephen the Great and Holy in the Public Garden in Chisinau. In order to execute the sketches, the author studied archives and libraries in Iasi, Bucharest and Chernauti. The work was started in April 1925 and finished in three years. This work is considered the most important work of his creation.
In 1921 he initiated the founding of the Society of Fine Arts (Society of Fine Arts) in Bessarabia, becoming its president in 1927. In 1939 he founded the Municipal Art Gallery in Chisinau, which was made up of works donated by local painters. As director of the School of Fine Arts, he contributed to the formation of a whole group of plastic artists. Among his disciples are renowned sculptors such as: Claudia Cobizeva, Vladimir Dobroșinschi, Leonid Fitov, Lev Averbuh and others.
Alexandru Plămădeală had the idea of creating an Alley of Classics of Romanian Literature in Chisinau, which was indeed realized, but after his death in 1958.
He was buried at the Central Orthodox Cemetery on Armenească Street. The College of Fine Arts and a street in Chisinau are named after him.
In 1995 a commemorative plaque was installed on the house where the great artist lived.