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The National Museum of History of Moldova

Formed on December 21, 1983, the institution underwent several name changes before adopting its current designation. Presently, the National Museum of the History of Moldova operates under the authority of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, with its scientific activities overseen by the Academy of Sciences. The museum is situated in the former boys’ gymnasium building in Chisinau.

The museum’s heritage, initially comprised of the collections from the Military Glory Museum and the historical artifacts from the State Museum of History and Study of the Natal Country, has progressively expanded over the years. Through research, donations, and acquisitions, the institution has acquired pieces of significant scientific value.

Between 1989-1995 and 2006-2007, the museum’s patrimony experienced growth and diversification through substantial transfers of heritage from several dismantled museums. These included the Republican Museum of Friendship of Peoples, the Museum of History of the CPM, the Republican Museum of the History of Comsomol, the Republican Museum “G. I. Kotovski and S. Gh. Lazo,” the Republican Museum of the History of Religion, the Memorial Museum of Bulgarian Volunteers, and the Museum of Archaeology of the ASM.

In 1991, the museum unveiled its first permanent history exhibition, “Pages of Multi-Millennial History,” which covers the historical period from ancient times to 1940. Additionally, in August 1990, the diorama of the Iasi-Chisinau operation was inaugurated on the ground floor, followed by the opening of the “Treasure” exhibition in the basement in 1994, showcasing noble metals.

As of now, the National Museum of the History of Moldova safeguards 348,619 pieces of the country’s cultural heritage.

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